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Efix | Artificial Intelligence

Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the Human Resources sector!
Efix – Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool that uses AI to transform historical data into valuable insights (Learn how). With Efix – Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to suggest Individual Development Plans (IDPs) accurately and efficiently, based on competency assessments and performance.
Imagine having a solution at your fingertips that not only simplifies complex processes but also saves time and money, and enables actions that previously seemed impossible.

Efix | Action Plan

Surveys leading to action are the great secret of organizational evolution. Once we understand the climate of the organization, it is important to act to resolve critical issues that may affect productivity and engagement.
In order to do this, we need to create an action plan focused on the main issues found in the company, thus showing employees that the company is effectively interested in creating a harmonious, inventive and productive workplace.

Efix | Survey

The organizational climate is the result of interactions between the company and its employees. It can be motivating, inspiring and engaging, but it can also lead to disintegration and reduced productivity.
The first step in transforming the organizational climate is its analysis and understanding, which requires organizational climate surveys that need to be thought out and articulated taking into account the reality and objectives of the company.

Efix | Goals

Successful organizations are those who achieve seamless integration between the goals of employees and corporative and strategic objectives.  This alignment is not simple to perform with traditional management tools such as spreadsheets or regular planning meetings. We need a unified system to make this alignment automatically by monitoring key performance indicators in order to manage people with fine tuning.
Efix | Goals provides a flexible way to distribute goals and objectives through traditional hierarchies, matrix structures, hierarchies based on projects or geographically dispersed.

Efix | Competency

Performance evaluation is the major priority of companies in the 21st century, whether they are small, medium or large organizations. Organizations know that competitiveness and success depend on the performance of their employees. It is, therefore, essential to understand how people are doing in the development of their functions.
Knowing individual competencies help in developing people, as it is possible to map their needs and gaps of develpment that may be provided in order to build talents.

Efix | Classroom

The learning management in a company involves a series of factors that need to be controlled so that the success of formation and qualification is ensured. You have to think in the structuring of events, resources management, as well as the involvement of people and activities costs.
Efix | Classroom helps your company managing all processes involved in formation and capacity building of people in a practical and objective manner, thus enabling the HR area to think about the strategic aspect of people formation.

Efix | E-learning

Modern businesses are differentiated by the knowledge they gather and create. Often, the market dynamics requires companies to develop very specific knowledge, which must be passed on to employees.
So, it is important that organizations keep permanent learning processes, using platforms such as e-learning or distant learning.
Efix | e-Learning is a learning management module that is aimed to strategic management of distant corporative courses and training, via Internet or Intranet.


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