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The organizational climate is the result of interactions between the company and its employees. It can be motivating, inspiring and engaging, but it can also lead to disintegration and reduced productivity.
The first step in transforming the organizational climate is its analysis and understanding, which requires organizational climate surveys that need to be thought out and articulated taking into account the reality and objectives of the company.
More than that: these surveys must be conducted in an automated fashion, in order to facilitate the reading and understanding of results that lead to an action for change and transformation.

Efix | Survey promotes the application of organizational climate surveys linked to business objectives such as leadership (recognition, support, feedback, career and decision process),  processes (HR policies and norms) and management (vision, mission and values, future, image and innovation).

  • Customize and adapt the survey to the company objectives
  • Customize forms, workflow, administration and reports
  • Ensure the confidentiality and secrecy of information
  • Warn employees by e-mail of the need to take the survey
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Efix | E-learning
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