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People Management

Global service consulting offices such as the Hay Group, Towers Watson and Mercer, among others, point out to the urgent need of Human Resources areas to take a more strategic approach. In order to reach this position, people managers need the support of systems that enable quick analysis for optimum, strategic, effective, objective decision making.
Efix Technology developed a single solution platform comprising systems that may be used independently. Know here the Efix solutions for major challenges faced by your company.

Efix | Performance Suite

Performance evaluation is currently the major priority of companies, whether they are small, medium or large organizations.
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Efix | Survey Suite

Developing positive and healthy organizational climate is the better way for engaging employees.
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Efix | Learning Suite

The response for the lack of talents may be in the creation of an educating company that creates its own talents.
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You need to know the professionals who work in your organization with greater coverage than the few information that companies compile in its information systems.


Rather than search for talents in the market, your company can act to qualify and train the talent you need, already working in the company. In addition to cultural identity, you act to enhance their workforce.


By using comprehensive systems to evaluate the performance of your employees, you leave behind primitive management methods, allowing managers who work in the company to dedicate more time to manage human capital focused on business and results.


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