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Performance evaluation is the major priority of companies in the 21st century, whether they are small, medium or large organizations. Organizations know that competitiveness and success depend on the performance of their employees. It is, therefore, essential to understand how people are doing in the development of their functions.

Knowing individual competencies help in developing people, as it is possible to map their needs and gaps of develpment that may be provided in order to build talents.

Efix | Competency helps your company to perform the evaluation of individual competencies in 90°-360° evaluations, with specific rules for each position or set of positions.

  • Simplify the process of evaluation and revision of competencies
  • Integrate skills and competencies evaluation
  • Identify and retain key people in your business
  • Rate employees using multiple evaluators
  • Make effective succession management
  • Compare individual performance with the ideal model for the organization
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Efix | E-learning
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