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Efix Partners

Efix believes in partnerships where the competencies of companies involved provide the end client greater, more complete and efficient services. We see three forms of partnership:


In daily activities of all companies, there is always a business opportunity that may require partners.

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Your company’s activities may complement people management systems. A representation partnership may increase your company’s profits.

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Customized solutions

People management consulting offices may offer its clients customized system solutions that will be fully supported by Efix.

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Business opportunities cross our paths every day. You can indicate the Efix systems, adopted by thousands of companies in Brazil and abroad, and profit from it.


It is a great opportunity for companies operating in the people management segment or in the information technology area, which complement Efix in some way, to represent the Efix products at various levels, including implementation and support.


HR consulting firms can offer their customers solutions on customized people management systems with all support of Efix.


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