She was the only one likely to the new Joker’s wake and funeral service, not to mention crying

Harley later on starred in an anxiety-created hallucination as a result of Batman in an effort to avoid the Joker forever. Harley in addition to is actually alluded so you’re able to an additional an element of the exact same impression, where a newsprint blog post stated that nobody had cared one the new Joker is actually deceased, and revealed that she hadn’t merely married the Riddler, however, was also pregnant a kid also.

Following Knightfall Method

Ashamed, heartbroken, outdone, ashamed, and you can psychologically broken, Harley try sooner or later brought to the fresh GCPD Lockup shortly after Scarecrow’s overcome, where she would end up being locked up with the rest of Gotham’s criminals.

Re-induction with the Committing suicide Squad

An enthusiastic untold level of many years later, Harley create once again become artificially signed up because of the Amanda Waller to your the woman Task Push X system, alongside Deadshot, Master Boomerang, and you can King Shark into an objective in City whether or not it showed up significantly less than intrusion because of the a keen alien danger, and was shocked understand Waller’s tasked alpha target was you to definitely they’d entirely had not requested: Superman.


Harley is actually academically wise and you may gained a powerful need for criminology because the woman father is a violent. As the a doctor, Harley are responsible, really compassionate, and you can firmly empathized with her people, particularly making an email for the Calendar Mans cellphone claiming: “Pleased Holidays, Julian! – Head office.” Even after their informative cleverness, Harley had altered morals and you can lacked a lot of prominent feel while the she failed to find out how unsafe and you will dangerous brand new Joker are. Within her sessions to your Joker, Harley in addition to don’t look for experience and overestimated the woman show as the he had been extremely crafty, and this designed that he can potentially dictate her to feel empathy and you can affection for your. For example, Harley didn’t realize she was being controlled feeling love to have Joker while in the the woman interviews instruction because she try far reduced proficient in research with other Arkham Psychiatrists. Ergo, she inevitably started to be fixated with him and you may undergone a beneficial extreme changes.

Immediately following Harley recognized you to she was at like to your Joker, she showed significant signs of regression (since detailed by Dr. Young) instance increased slope in her own voice, are faster assertive and lookin quicker wise – possibly to try to appeal to him. On a daily basis, Harley is cheerful and you may optimistic, and vicious and maniacal and this she could have learned out of the latest Joker. In lieu of your, not, Harley usually don’t put aside herself inside combat and you will speech and that she accepted so you can Penguin when she saved Poison Ivy throughout the cops route inside the Bludhaven. Which often resulted in wonders pointers becoming said which was helpful so you can Batman otherwise lead to this lady attacking your, merely to getting easily outdone. These types of behavior was often noticeable for the Arkham Asylum Event. She plus exhibited androphobia given that she accustomed insult and you may mock multiple people but the Joker.

Regarding Arkham Urban area Incident, pressure regarding Joker’s poor health seemed to has altered Harley’s character, like showing a smaller tempter, displaying a lack of wisdom, becoming more high-pressure and upset whenever you are looking to stick to the Joker’s sales and you will residing in charges away from his henchmen. Just after this new Joker’s death (from inside the Harley Quinn’s Revenge), Harley turned so much more questionable and you can risky since the she was not capable be prepared for this lady losses. While the nevertheless their usual notice, Harley try dreaded one of the girl henchmen as a whole actually informed an ally to not ever ‘piss this lady off’. Harley also believed an excellent henchman is actually hitting on her, and you will screamed how he might not compare with her “Mr. J”, whether or not he had been only getting sympathetic in order to her. In addition to, Harley’s sound even more turned into angrier, maniacal and better pitched and she try a bit suicidal, which mirrored the ultimate stress she had adopting the Joker’s demise.


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